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Abstract Background

Services Available

Psychotherapy Session

General Counselling

Talk Therapy

Under the guidance of a counselling professional, general counselling can help individuals learn to deal with a range of problems more effectively. Less structured than psychotherapy, general counselling can be helpful for those new to counselling or when seeing a new counsellor.


Problem-Focused Talk Therapy

Psychotherapy has also been called talk therapy, but it is much more than just talking. Psychotherapy is about becoming your own counsellor. It is the process of reflecting on our thoughts, experiences, and behaviours to identify areas for change and then making plans to create that change. The focus of this form of therapy is to enable people to better manage problems so they may experience an improved quality of life.

Therapy Session


Talk Therapy focused on thoughts and behaviours

A subset of psychotherapy, CBT focuses on how our thoughts can affect our behaviours.


These interventions are designed to challenge unhelpful cognitions, then replace them with more helpful ones.


School Health

Investing in our youths' health

In class
White Paper

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new

- Socrates

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